October 2021


Sticky, spicy, chicken wings
Malaysian curry puffs
Mapo tofu; pork, fermented black bean
Charred Tandoori chicken skewers
Honey roasted chicken thigh; white beans, spinach
Lafayette’s Parisian sausage rolls
Lamb cutlets; panko crumb, rosemary
Cauliflower, pomegranate, pistachio salad
Roast parsnips; cranberry, almonds
Fennel & rocket salad; lemon dressing
Lafayette’s fried rice **
Parmesan crumbed chicken; basil aioli **
Saute potatoes; garlic, thyme **
Korean asparagus & gochujang pancakes


Smoked salmon & chive fritters; lemon mayo

Thai crispy chicken pancake

Prawn chow mein; noodles, vegetables

Pork schnitzel; tomato ragu, parmesan

Greek lemon, garlic chicken chops

Roast potatoes; lemon juice, fetta, parmesan

Chopped green goddess salad

Charred zucchini, rocket, parmesan, EVO oil, toasted crumbs

Green beans, parmesan, pinenuts, EVO oil

Asian noodle salad **

Parmesan crumbed chicken; basil aioli **

Mumbai style fish curry


Lafayette’s chicken & vegetable burgers; chilli jam

Traditional cornish pasties

Lamb kofta; mint, parsley, chilli, spices

Salmon tarator; tahini, walnuts, chilli, coriander, mint, parsley

Lebanese eggplant, cucumber, tomato salad; hommus

Chicken, vegetable & cashew stir fry

Beef chilli con carne; red kidney beans

Mexican black bean &  corn salad; tomato, coriander, lime

Chicken & asparagus crepes

Roast Jerusalem artichokes; leeks, thyme, goats cheese

Asparagus, parmesan, grated egg, dukkah

Spinach & ricotta cannelloni; tomato, basil sugo


Panko crumbed prawns; harissa mayo

Lafayette’s fish cakes; tartare sauce

Pork schnitzel; tomato ragu, parmesan

Beetroot, orange, goats cheese & rocket salad

Slow cooked beef brisket

Southern creamed corn; cajun spices

Cabbage & apple slaw; lemon yoghurt dressing

Broccoli, mustard, mixed nut dressing

Sausage & white bean cassoulet

Roasted vegetable salad; coriander, ginger & orange dressing **

Daily favourites

Assorted pies, sausage rolls, pasties
Assorted toasties, sandwiches, Baguettes
Beef & mushroom pies
Soups, lasagne, casseroles, curries, prepacked meals
Pates, terrines, rillettes, cheeses, wines & beer

Large selection of desserts

** staples on the menu